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    Beekeeping has been a Gibbs family tradition for four generations. That’s more than eight decades of shared wisdom, connection and a deep respect for our natural environment that has passed down through our family. Today, the Gibbs Honey tradition is proudly being carried on by us, Andrea and Russell.

    We hungered for an opportunity to do something we were truly passionate about, and our jobs in the city weren’t cutting it. Andrea had recently quit her job as a successful literary agent and Russell, a graphic designer, was feeling like his sideline beekeeping operation was more than just a hobby. So when fate intervened and offered us the chance to take over the family business we packed up and hit the road. We bought a farm in Vankleek Hill, just 20 minutes from the original family farm where it all began. Since then we’ve been working with and learning from Russell’s uncles, Tim & Peter, as they pass the torch to the next generation.

    We feel honoured to continue the family tradition of beekeeping. We look forward to maintaining the high-quality standard and respect for tradition that the Gibbs are known for—while taking Gibbs Honey to exciting new places as we focus on innovative ecological practices and develop even more amazing new products from the hive.

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