Raw Hopped Honey

Raw Hopped Honey

Raw Hopped Honey

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We take our raw liquid honey and infuse it with locally grown cascade hops…. raw, pure—and totally delicious. Why hops? Cascade hops have citrus notes and a bitterness which chill out the honey’s sweetness, making it a more herbal/savory sweet flavor. A must for craft beer lovers.

We use a cold-infusion method and do not heat the honey preserving its raw state.


With skillet cornbread
In a BBQ marinade
With roasted vegetables

Raw honey will crystalize over time, but this is a completely natural process. If you prefer a liquid consistency just place your jar in a pot of water low heat until it returns to a liquid state.

Flavour, colour and consistency will vary from season-to-season reflecting the unique and changing characteristics of our landscape.

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